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November 11, 2010


Look, I know he'll never be a great fielder, but like Zim has observed, Dunn has improved quite a bit since they first plugged him at first in '09. Besides, people in this area really must have forgotten all about baseball during the 30+ year absence. Since Ruth transformed baseball, teams have always stuck guys as mobile as fence posts at first if they could mash the ball. Its a grand baseball tradition.

From a defensive standpoint, Dunn didn't kill the infield defense, but he didn't help it either. His biggest contribution was as an offensive threat, protecting the RH hitters who flanked him (Zimmerman & Willingham). The offense skews heavily RH without Dunn (or another LH/SH 'power' bat) in the lineup...
-Morgan (CF,LH)
-Desmond (SS,RH)
-Espinosa (2B,SH)
-Zimmerman (3B,RH)
-Willingham (LF,RH)
-Morse (1B,RH)
-Bernadina (RF,LH)
-Rodriguez/Ramos/Flores (CA,RH)

If Dunn doesn't come back, I'd be on board for either LaRoche or Lee as a possible replacement from the FA pool; The thought of Pena just frightens me.

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