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November 10, 2010


Fine by me, I love the script Washington. Not crazy about the new cap though -- not bad, but the current caps are fine.

Also, no DC logo on the sleeve.

The road script isn't changing. All the sleeve patches are changing and the number fonts are changing.

The total overhaul is the home white jersey.

I wonder if it'll be a complete and total purge for the DC logo?

That'll make me sad, but if it was only going to survive in tacky stars & stripes, then I guess it's best.

Annnnd...the jersey is no longer viewable on the Nationals team shop page... Ooops!

And yeah, like Steve M. said, the big "surprise" will be with the home jersey...

NE - The other change I see in your photo is no number on the front of the jersey which could be because that is a generic pic.

There was a pic of a real Nats home jersey prototype at NatsFanGirls which may or may not be the real jersey too.

7 hours away from the unveiling(s)!

Here is the new alternate jersey (at least before they take this down, too) http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3373629

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