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December 02, 2010


I've figured he was going to Chicago for a long time now; I just had the wrong team. I wonder how he'll get along with Ozzie...

He'll probably get along with Ozzie just fine -- though it'll be a shock to the system considering Ozzie's personality compared to Acta & Riggleman.

We figured Dunn wasn't coming back, but were still holding out hope. Don't get this at all.

Really not that big of a deal. The team was going to be mediocre with him. Now they'll be bad without him. Is it worth lots of money to watch a mediocre team for another year? I think I'd rather have the draft picks anyway.

I'd much rather have the draft picks and I would rather they sign a first basemen for 1 year while strasburg is out and harper is in the minors...then in 2012 when they come back we can throw some real money out at prince fielder

The curse of the Bobblehead lives. I can put away my Adam Dunn Bobblehead. My Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead will probably be joining Adam in my closet in a couple of years. Dunn put fans in the seats and actually created excitement at Nats Park when he would come to the plate. The good news, maybe I won’t have to wait in line as long to get my Ben's Half smokes because there will be far fewer fans next year. By the time all these mythical draft choices and free agents are on the team with a healthy Strasburg (not a guarantee) and a mature Bryce Harper, there won't be any fans left in the seats expect for a few true believers. By then, Z Man will probably be playing for Boston or the New York. For the true believers out there, do you seriously believe any big name talented free agents would want to play for such a tinker toy operation like the Nationals? Get real. Even the Minister of Nationals Propaganda, Tom Boswell, seems to finally be turning on the Lerners. And please spare me the company line about Adam's defensive play. Oh yeah, Ryan Howard plays much better defense than Adam. I think not. I venture to say, Adam prevented more Z man errors because he was tall enough to grab balls that would have gone into the seats. Best of luck to Big Donkey.

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