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December 14, 2010


I think werth should join me and grow a siiiiick stache

Better headline would have been this:

"Beardless Werth Watches Wall-less Wiz"


@Balester: Agree.
@Aces: Yes, agree.

Short version of Rizzo letter:

I just spent a ton of money, now I gotta sell some tickets.

When does Phase 3 start?

@stacheOBally helped set the record straight on the facial hair policy, it's balester's mustache's twitter account

The Expos would have let him keep the beard!

Of course, the Expos wouldn't have signed him to 7 years, $126 million.

Never mind then.

Four Aces.

Werth was my favorite Philly - will miss him and will hate playing against him. The nats landed a great asset.

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