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December 07, 2010


With "feels like" temperatures in the teens tonight in DC, I'm thinking North Pole ...

Will we allow someone to wear #33 in DC? That was Hondo's number. Interestingly, it is also the number that Owen Wilson's character wears in "How Do You Know".

@Shoshana: Yes. With all due respect to Hondo...if the Nationals pull off a miracle and sign Cliff Lee, he can have his 33 or choice of any other number besides: 11, 37, and 28 (he makes a lot of money afterall).

#33 has specifically not been issued by the Nats. Maybe they ought to make it official with a Frank Howard Day. BTW, Howard wore 9 for the Senators prior to Ted Williams arrival in '69. To bad that Owen Wilson wears it in that movie I won't see.

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