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December 17, 2010


He also had a little bit of a Balester moment there.

It's like I've been saying with Chapman--fast but needs work on control and location. I really hope he pans out though, as I'm still trying to get over the trade.

I wonder what this says about Rizzo's pitching philosophy... sinkerballer starters followed by power-pitching relievers? But then again Strasburg is a power-pitching starter, though they did try to get him into the whole sinker thing as well. And Livan is a junkballer. Well, he's cheap and he gets guys out... don't think Rizzo will ask too many questions!

Still, I have a feeling that Rizzo is more particular about the position players than the relievers. If only he'd actually get some people who could, ya know, hit the ball...

Maybe he'll try to get some moustache and glasses disguises for Zimmerman and Werth and try to run them out twice in each turn of the lineup? That could work.

@cass: love the 'stache/shades idea for Zimmerman & Werth...

Henry threw three fastballs straight, or three fastball in a row?

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