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December 16, 2010


Am I the only idiot who likes this trade? I think Sue Dinem's take is pretty good on Willingham. He's a 30+ year old coming off of surgery. He's not a plus defender, his arm is average. His stick is ok, not a great average, takes a good number of walks for an ok OBP.

He's a complimentary piece, and we need more meat. He's a side dish, the asparagus to a filet mignon.

We got a + fastball arm. And we got a CF'r who can hopefully start the season in AAA and despite some gaudy K numbers, still draws more walks than boos compared to Nyjer. His OBP is actually north of .300. And since he plays a solid CF, has a real arm, and a bit of pop would be more than replacement player level improvement over Nyjer.

I'm all for it.

I really like Willingham but it was getting pretty clear that he's not the kind of player Rizzo sees for the future.

It wasn't that the wig was that funny, it was that every single one of them would give a stone-faced, serious interview while wearing it. Cracked me up every time!!

Last year we started off with a big hole in right...now we have a hole in left (the rotation, closer, and first base).

Probably leaning towards you on this one, Mr. ckstevenson. But still, we're looking for moves that support all this Phase 2 talk from the organization -- is the the major league squad that will be taking the field in 2011 better for this trade tonight? As long as the ~$6 mil saved on a deal with Hammer improves the Nationals for 2011 (in spite of what Rizzo said about this move having nothing to do with money), we're all for it. Let's see how that money gets spent!

Willingham, when healthy, could rake. He was just as good a hitter last year as Adam Dunn. (wOBA: Zimm .389, Dunn .379, Hammer: .378)

Seemed like his defense was improved last year as well, but no, still not good. And the "when healthy" part is the real problem, of course.

I understand Rizzo has a vision in mind when constructing the roster, I just wonder who's gonna actually hit the ball.

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