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December 08, 2010


Look at that single base power.

Yes that's a dig at perpetually being in "el sótano"(Common expression in PR).
Translation gets shoddy near the end, it should read like:"(pero nada)But anyway, I just want to thank you for the opportunity you gave hime while he was there. Things are going bad for you, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE. Thats why you haven't left the basement. Enjoy it!
On a side note, I found it funny that he always came to bat to the tune of some weird Jesusy salsa song.

His walk-up music (Tony Vega) was great. Charlie and Dave would always pipe it directly into the radio audio feed... perhaps their enjoyment of it was just infectious.

@Jose: cool, thanks for the translation help. NatsTown has been el sótano for years...

@Lintyfresh: single base power!? Jump to the 2:20 mark. What WAS that, anyway??


Just read your "Bwaa ha ha ha ha ha Pffffft!!!!" on Twitter about my prediction about the Nationals winning 85 games if they sign Adam LaRoche.

First, thanks for the Tweet.

Second, if you noticed at the end of the story, I made it very clear that .500 was my prediction if they signed LaRoche (along with Jayson Werth)and an arm like Matt Garza. If they were able to somehow sign Cliff Lee, 85 wins is possible.
I'm sure you'd agree that Cliff Lee + Jayson Werth + Adam LaRoche has to be worth 10-15 games, right?

Hi Farid: To be honest, didn't read the story, but got a pretty good laugh at the headline when it flew by on Twitter. Come on, admit it -- it's kind of a funny headline. (And Nothing personal, but I generally don't click links to Bleacher Report content.)

Now, given your explanation about what's contained in your story, if the headline had been something like: "If Washington Nationals Sign Cliff Lee, Adam LaRoche, and Jayson Werth, They Can Win 85 Games In 2011." would've simply nodded in agreement.

Love Wil Nieves - just not as an active player on the Nats roster. Keep him in the organization, make him a coach, or a bullpen catcher, or something. He really seems like a nice guy, and he has a real upbeat personality.

But please, let's make sure the Nats are good enough to NOT carry that kind of bat on the roster.

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