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January 22, 2011


Given how much Harper likes Mickey Mantle, I kind of expect him to wear #7 in D.C.

You're probably right -- but of course that can't happen until 2012, when Pudge (currently #7) is gone. At his introductory presser, his quote on #34 was:

"I always loved Mickey Mantle," Harper said of why he chose No.34. "Three and four equals seven." (via Nationals Journal)

So he can hit AND do math! (who needs to finish HS?)

But will be interesting to see if he shows up to Hagerstown this spring wearing #7...and what # he wears in Washington when he gets called up in September ;)

when mickey came up, he first wore number 6. so if bryce changed to 7 eventually, it would be what mickey did

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