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January 28, 2011


Kudos to Josh for telling the truth, smoke and mirros here until 2012 or 2013...maybe.

So, why didn't you bring a pennant to the Nats, Mr. Willingham? You WERE in this loosing team, you CONTRIBUTE to these 100 lost seasons. The Nats will be a better team without you. This why we can move forward.

I see no problem with what he said. I don't take that as a shot at the team at all. If he had said, "The team won't win because it's mismanaged," then sure, that's out of line. He just said the obvious, that he hasn't been on a winning team.

I'm good with that.

@Farid: yeah, admittedly it wasn't much of a shot -- if a shot at all. Mostly we just liked how the headline of the post sounded.

Willingham with his same ole plaid shirt. You would think going to a Playoff contender he would upgrade his wardrobe.

Low blow my man!

That shirt really doesn't go with the jersey you're wearing over it, Josh.

Give the guy a break. I think he played hard and well for us - this was not a blast to the Marlins and us, it is a positive statement that he is joining the A's team physically and mentally.

awsome, those jerseys are just like the ones from the 70's but they are button down instead of pullover which is even more cool to me.

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