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January 25, 2011


The Indians do that deal in a heartbeat to dump those salaries but it has to take low level prospects or give them Nyjer Morgan or Justin Maxwell.

It really has to be a salary dump like when the Nats got Willingham and Olsen for Bonifacio.

The Nats can't give up anyone good so I would give them Nyjer or JMax and a pitcher like Garrett Mock.

If Sizemore is traded, that club option for 2012 becomes a player option. So if the Nats want to pay extra for a huge question mark, I think the Indians would do it.

I would be up for a trade bringing those two in. I wonder what it means that MLBTrade Rumors hasn't picked up on it at all.


Sizemore may be SizeLESS. Have you seen his stats the last 3 years vs the 3 before that?

Something isn't right with this kid.

Clint - His numbers were still great during 2008 and he had injuries in 2009 and the microfacture in 2011.

The question is what value he has this year.

In the games he played in 2009 he had 13 steals and was caught stealing 8 times so something wasn't right in 2009 too.

Not worth getting if Sizemore is not healthy.

@EdM. Good point on the team option switching to a player option...

Sorry, meant to say the microfacture in 2010 not 2011.

@Michael: It would take more than just saying "here, take our crappy players" to make this thing happen, you know? It's an intriguing rumor, probably won't amount to anything.

@Clint: Like Michael said: injuries. If healthy...

His 2009 stats before his injury were not good and he played in over 100 games so the question is what was wrong with him in 2009 ?

@Clint: Sizemore only played 106 games in 2009 -- a huge drop off for a guy who averaged 160 games a season 2006-2008. hurt his elbow in spring of 2009, was on-again off-again on the DL, had surgery on the elbow at the end of the season. I guess production dropped off because the elbow was bothering him all year, combined with simply not being on the field?

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