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February 11, 2011


The guy was baked out of his skull at the January 2009 open house at Nats Park. I have this picture printed out and staring at me at work. I *love* it. http://twitpic.com/3yqzrd

Never understood why the Nationals released Dukes last year so suddenly. And now I do.

Yeah Anonymouse, it never ever ever made sense, and nobody ever reported about what really happened. It was just accepted as a "baseball decision", as Mike Rizzo put it. Now it all adds up.

@Section138 wow...well...

This could be a story on the Onion titled something like "Pot Smoking Rich Former Baseball Player Thinks Drugs Were Unrelated To His Downfall -- Now Raps Like He's From The Street"

Can you really blame the guy for getting stoned before Nats games? As a fan, I try to drink as much as I can to numb the pain.

I could tell you two names of guys he saw smuggling pot and coke, but then I'd have to send you a text of a gun then come shoot you.

Dunno, just kinda makes me sad reading all this Dukes stuff. All the talent in the world, but just a messed up dude. Just hope for the best for him and maybe more importantly his kids.

@section10001: yes.

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