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February 18, 2011


(re: "15,000 lucky fans on Saturday, June 30th vs. the Mets.")

You accidently wrote "June"... isn't the Jayson Werth bobblehead freebie on July 30th? Yes it is.

Fixed. Thanks. Sorry about that...

Unbelievable. Why would Nationals sell those RF seats to those drunks?

Anonandon, because otherwise those seats would be primarily empty?

before nats fans buy tickets, you should know that strasburg isn't pitching...just thought you should know before you demand your refund

"Unbelievable. Why would Nationals sell those RF seats to those drunks?

Because money is a form of currency that Nationals Park accepts. Shocking, I know!

Boo hoo big bad Phillies fans and coming to Nats park. If anything, you guys should be thanking us fans that come there so you could afford Jayson Werth. If it weren't for Phillies fans buying up the tickets, there'd be no money to for free agents.

@Jason Okay then, when you put it that way: Thank you! Be sure to sample the $9 beers, too, while you're at it.
Look, our problem in this case is almost 100% location. That is, poor judgment by the Nationals to sell RF seats by the busload to Phillies fans for this game. Seats on top of Werth. It looks like a recipe for disaster (add the 10AM Kegs-N-Eggs kickoff to the day and it looks worse).

We're not suggesting tickets shouldn't be sold to busloads of Phillies fans or anything like that. We accept that fans travel - fans often travel by the busload. Hopefully Nationals fans show up to support the home team on this night.

The Nats pay Werth a lot of money to deal with that sort of thing (it's not like right field at Citizens Bank is going to be empty) AND it's not like Nats fans are coming out in droves to fill up those seats anyhow, so my frustration with this issue (as a Nats fan) only goes so far.

That being said, it's pathetic how it has become common place for obnoxious drunks to ruin other fans' (of both home and away teams; Google search "Pukemon") enjoyment of the game. The disintegration of common decency is all to apparent at sporting events.

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