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February 04, 2011


Loosely translated, in that clip Ramos says: "Someday I also hope to have a bronze statue of myself in the front yard of my mansion."

If Pudge is going to get another 183 hits, that's going to take, what, 600-something plate appearances? More? Tough to see him getting those as a catcher, even here.
I hope he does, but ...

Pudge will be gone because he was immortalized last year as a Nationals Bobble Head. Beware the Washington Nationals Bobble Head curse! Save Z-Man, bad things happen to you when you are a Nats bobble head. The Presidents Bobble Heads don’t count since they are not players.

Happy for Solano. He tossed me a fantastic strikeout ball during Strasburg's AA debut and I've been a fan of his ever since.

He probably why some guy kept yelling, "Let's go Solano!" when he came to the plate at a couple AA games, but I'll always root for him.

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