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March 12, 2011


How can Morse NOT make the everyday starting lineup. He looks like HE could be the 40-HR guy who replaces Dunn in the lineup.

Hey Nats, for ONCE the baseball Gods have smiled upon you and delivered you a late blooming stud in exchange for a dispensable spare part. Don't blow it by having him ride the pine as part of some silly platoon.

Amen, bdrube.

And then Morse hit his 5th HR of the spring against Burnett in the second inning.

What if Marrero "gets it" too and if Harper comes up for the 12 season it could be interesting.
I haven't kept up with ST, but I am aware that Flores will most likely be moved out, does anyone think he might stay on and deliver on the potential he showed before he got injured? Or is he just too much of a risk for a team that endured Nick Johnson and Austin Kearns?


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