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March 30, 2011


Natsfest 2011 was really bad. With BP being called off, fans were left to wonder aimlessly for two hour. Nats staff was cluless in telling fans about what could fill the void. when players did appear, no autographs or pictures. Fans paid $10.00 a piece to shake players hand. Very poor. When I asked for a refund, ticket agent shugged his shoulders. When I got home, I immediately called Citibank and asked and got a refund. Everyone at Natsfest should ask for a refund. Nats struck out and sent straight to the minors for this PR nightmare. Nats officials should go to Orioles fest. Their event in January was much better.

Greg, the only thing about the $10 is I think it all goes to the Dream Foundation charity.

Yah, it sucked for the adults but the kids loved it. The Nats cant control the weather so yah, it really messed up the whole thing.

I think we all agree, nothing "unique" as Feffer promised us. Bring back the January NatsFest.

I agree that the weather really screwed it up. I got there at 3:15 and went to the "special" season ticket holder Q&A. it looked like the Last Supper with Jesus Werth in the middle of the table. But after that ended at 4, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do until after 6, so I left at 5.

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