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March 23, 2011


My intent was to have Greinke on the list of players I would root against in 2011. After all, part of the fun of sports is having both heroes and villains. Sheinin's story softened my feelings about it some, but not too much. I am hoping for the Brewers to stink up the joint this year because of Greinke, because of the Selig connection as always, and because it would make it more likely that they don't re-sign Prince Fielder.

I don't wish Greinke the professional misery I hope Aaron Crow will suffer, but I hope he has a worse winning percentage than the Nats as a team.


By 2013, Jordan Zimmermann alone will have Nats fans thanking lucky stars the deal fell through. And Greinke will be wishing he took the money and ran after he bombs out the next 2 years.

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