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April 04, 2011


This is horrible. Fans are allowed to cheer for their team. Hostile, Phillies-style behavior isn't acceptable.

For all his blustering, the Nats fan got called on his bluff. Love the trash talk, but he's got to back it ups

I'll buy that guy a ticket if he wants to go to every Phillie, Braves, and Mets game. We need more of that - a LOT more of that.

If this was a Philly fan doing this to a Nats fan you would be calling for this guys arrest, convitction and public execution...shame on you for giving this guy even a second of publicity!

Fans from other teams should not be shunned unless they are agressive first.

Chill out, everyone. First of all, it's just one guy who was probably venting his frustration at the whole game. Secondly, it DOES get old hearing nothing but other teams' fans cheering at Nats Park. Instead of getting down on this guy for his frustration, why don't we try to show as much support for our team, regardless of how badly they're doing? Who knows, they might actually play better and no one would feel like a stranger in their own freaking ballpark!

LOL. "Hank Aaron in the house."

By the 8th inning, it did seem like a lot more Braves fans in the house than Nats fans. I suppose the Nats fans all left.

Yeah, technically people are allowed to cheer for whoever I want. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Uh, its tacky to come into someone else's ball park and do your racist little hand motions, buy tickets in Atlanta or expect that someone may call you out on it.

The Nationals have fans? Odd, I never see any when I'm at their park. Just a bunch of Phillies fans.

I suppose the funny part about Nats fans being mad at the Braves fans taking over their stadium is that Braves fans don't even fill half of their own stadium when they are in first place. Happened just last year. Tomahawk chop is annoying and used by way too many teams/fan bases though. Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, Florida State Seminoles, Illinois Fighting Illini, and others all use the same song and chant. Apparently all these different tribes across North America must have done the same damn thing.

Wow what a whiney sad little sports fan. Grow UP! Its a friggin GAME! Don't get mad at some fan from the opposing team because your team sucks. Anyone who promotes actions like that needs to stay the hell away from professional sporting events.
and to Carl above....racist??? Really??? Another sad little gnats fan looking for an excuse because his team sucks. Wahh. Get over it. I dont hound other teams fans at Turner Field when we lose. They have the right to be excited about thier teams success. Anyone who condones those kinds of actions is a moron. And a poor sport. Get over yourself.

Sorry Carl, i meant Patty. Wahh.

There's nothing wrong with politely cheering for the opposing team. But the chop is not a polite cheer. It's annoying and aggressive when you are in the other team's park. No excuse for the Nats fans calling the Braves fan in that hositle manner. But I don't have a problem with his intent, just his style.

But all NL East fans agree on one thing. We all hate the Phillies and their fans the most.

How dare the treat Hank Aaron a living legend that way! Where's the hospitality?

On a sidenote: enjoy looking up at the Phillies in the standings all year...maybe if your team knew how to win then we wouldn't be able to purchase seats in a whole section!

Who's the cute blond on his left?

What are you talking about? The Braves averaged over 30,000 fans a game. They have drawn over 2 million fans for over 20 straight years. Even when they lose 90 games, like they did in 2006, they still drew over 2.5 million fans. And more importantly Braves fans are everywhere because of TBS.

It's one thing to cheer. The tomahawk chop is a whole 'nother thing. Don't like it Atlanta and I definitely don't like at Nats Stadium. Our section (131, around the front) is pretty good at keeping Opposing Fans from booing our guys and trash talking people. We even shut down the Phillies phans, if there are enough of us.
One thing I love about our stadium is that it is civilized. And guys like this guy help keep it so. Maybe, though, with a little less anger next time.

Old angry white guy is mad. And he's taking it out on a black guy. What else is new in this world?

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