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April 20, 2011


Priceless! Ryan looks like he has been eating too many ard Times Chili Nachos instead of working out...looks a bit doughy!

what is zimm wearing?!?!?! that outfit is not #winning!

When was that taken? Hideous shirt Zim is wearing....Isn't he making about $9,000,000 this year?

I see Sheen loaded that photo 4 hours ago and I would guess that was from earlier today. So did Zim stay behind for Rehab or a "Meet & Greet" with that winner?

@kate @Harper_ROY_2012 @Michael: Mossy Oak, y'all. Men's version of this?

Mossy Oak? More like Mossy Choke.... although she looks better in it then him. LOL

Adam LaRoche is the Nats new style consultant. "Want to bag big game both in the woods and on the dance floor? This sleeveless mossy oak number will keep every 10 in your sights, be it a big-antlered buck or that certain young lady. The hunt is on!"

I don't know which is scariest:
a) Charlie's "winning" entry in the Crpytkeeper look-alike contest
b) Zim's shirt
c) the fact that Colin Balester looks like Kip from Napolean Dynamite

Could these two be more polar opposites? The only thing they have in common is money.

Zimm has class; Sheen...
Zimm has talent; Sheen...
Zimm is respected by his peers; Sheen...

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