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April 03, 2011


"So much for the New and Improved, Fundamentally Sound Nats." Meanwhile, Adam Dunn is batting 400/538/800, Werth is batting 400/500/600, and Adam LaRoche is batting 167/167/167. Nevermind that Werth & LaRoche together are making about $4-5 million more than Adam Dunn. I, for one, will be continuing this comparison for all 4 years of Dunn's South Side contract, on account of I *still* don't get it.

Can we start a "New Leadoff Hitter" watch?

Today is Day 3. Maybe someone could make a nice little graphic?

Time for Espinoza to bat leadoff.

Personally, I'm on a Broderick-back-to-the-Cardinals, BallyStar-up-with-the-big-club watch. That poor kid's MLB debut was a nightmare that should not have been allowed to happen.

Hold on, checking...checking. Yes, I've confirmed it: IT'S JUST THREE GAMES INTO THE SEASON. All games have been played against the consensus pick to win the division. I'm not saying the Nats will necessarily finish above .500 (though I am hoping for a game or two above that high watermark for Nationals baseball). But, all this gloom and doom after a 1=2 homestand, with three quality pitching starts, seems at best premature and more accurately a complete overreaction. Oh, and Dunn is gone because he was a statue at first base. The guy's a 10 year+ professional who never developed his defensive skills. He's found his rightful home in the AL.

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