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May 22, 2011



Pretty please save the blog archives?

Also, a vehement round of boos for an unnamed, crappy, publication which I assume is responsible.

Archives will be saved. We can't imagine a world in which future generations of Nationals fans are deprived photos of Jim Bowden on his Segway or fake stories about Dmitri Young's pregnancy.

I always thought it was a clever name and wondered the same if they would ever find you! "F" the National-Enquirer and I will make sure my wife never buys another copy again! LOL

I shed a tear. The name was just too good.

I hope that you kept the screen shots of the game in Miami where the players on the teams may have outnumbered the fans in attendance.

"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." [H. L. Menken] Or, the American corporate lawyer.

The Bozos (I hope that I can use that trademarked name) should have made you an unpaid partner, and simply required you to have a link to their website on the home page.

Common sense is too much to ask for in corporate America.

See you on the Other Side.

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