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June 28, 2011


And please take Werthless with you! Can we get Wily Mo back?

Werth is slolwy descending into Wily Mo depths, huh? Hope he can turn it around the rest of the season, effective immediatel..

Perhaps not yet but I did enjoy seeing WMP crush some at RFK & Angels stadium a few years back. Werth's bat on the shoulder routine is quite Stairsian tho...

After putting in the same lineup card 2 nights in a row, I have to wonder about Davey.

I am ok with Werth but these are head scratchers:

-Nix in LF instead of DH. Not playing good defense
-Stairs at DH

Davey Johnson is simply too old to care. He doesn't care if the Nats win or lose. I personally would be much happier to see Riggleman get them to a world series than Johnson. Johnson doesn't do shit. He's old and has big teeth and big whoop if he had one world series in the 80s. He's 68 now and baseball is completely different. Plus the nats are a young team to which he will never relate. I'm not a fan of the nats mgmt giving riggleman the finger after he fought for his team day in and day out, and then having the nats management say, we'll give the job to a guy who could be your grandpa bc he has a world series and probably needs diapers and his teeth are huge. Rizzo you are a bozo and you need to go on a diet.

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