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June 02, 2011


Translation: Potomac sucks rocks right now and we'd rather leave him in a lineup where he actually has protection.

Smart move. Let him represent H-town in the league All Star Game and bump him up to Woodbridge to bail out the P-Nats in the second half.

Have you seen what Harrisburg is doing. They are leading their division. Maybe, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bump him with to AA, and he flounders, drop him back. It would be a real motivator

Yes, for the vast majority of players it makes the most sense to keep them in a relatively stable environment and not promote them quickly.

Bryce Harper does not belong to that group though. He's obviously a special player who is, right now, being artificially retarded in his development by facing pitching that is beneath his talents. Whenever he DOES get to AA and he starts seeing some real breaking stuff and better control, he'll have to spend months un-learning all the stuff about facing low-minors pitching he didn't need to learn in the first place.

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