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July 01, 2011


...can illusionist David Blaine make Jayson Werth's baseball career reappear?



Yep, the Grand Illusion. $126,000,000 disappeared and nobody saw it coming, or did we?

Anybody else notice Mr. Nats320 front and center? I would kill for those connections.

von bluff - You would want that guys life? He is a joke to anyone who follows the blogs. How do you know he didn't pay $500 for the tickets? No press in the VIP area so either he paid for them or someone else paid for them for him.

I'd rather have David Blaine make Werthless disappear and leave his contact behind for more deserving players.

At the end of this season, Werth will have approx. 3,000 At Bats in 888 games, over the eight seasons since he became a regular player.

Based on those eight seasons, his Nats seven-year contract translates to:

$162,162 per Regular Season Game (a perfect number for baseball), and
$ 48,016 per At Bat

Nice werk if you can get it!

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