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August 27, 2011


Ugh...we already have a 'project' at short -- Morse is MLB ready. Maybe it doesn't matter to the FO, but I'd sure like to finish ahead of the Mets and Marlins this season.

Why? To make yourself feel slightly better about a lost season? The important part is to see what talent we have available to us for the next year and beyond.

Seems Marrero calmed down after the first few innings. Make a couple of nice error-saving scoops as well. Now if only the Nats could get some hits with men on base...

Winning teams handle their players with an eye on winning 1st and player development happens at the pace based on player performance so if the player doesn't perform, back to the Minors.

You saw that earlier this year with the Giants and Brandon Belt and the Angels with Mike Trout. Both were up and didn't perform and went back to the Minors for a tuneup and now are back up.

Marrero deserved a callup several months ago and now has to show he belongs but yesterday is one game. He got 1 more hit than Ryan Zimmerman did yesterday and 2 more errors.....

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