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September 04, 2011


Allways? Please. Perhaps just enough to garner the moniker but the record tells a very different tale.

Hey Adam, 8 walk-off HRs in the 1st 7 seasons of a career is a record. 6 straight years for Walk-off HRs is a record.

Do you expect every situation to be a walk-off Grand Slam? He does have 2 of those.

The guy is pretty darn good with the game on the line.

Don't get me wrong, Ryan Zimmerman is awesome. He's hands down my fav player in MLB- and I'm not denying his penchant for end of game heroics. I just wish he and the rest of the team could spread some of the timely hitting around. Obviously I don't expect every situation to be a walk off but I did have greater expectations for more games to actually be on the line.

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