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September 07, 2011


Not sleeping, passed out.

He looks like he is "nodding out" on heroin...either that or to many early inning Ben's Chili dogs

I took the video and can give you my first hand account. He was an energetic and loud supporter of our young Mr. Strasburg early in the game, but got quiet after the 3rd inning or so. Then I noticed he was taking a snooze. Shortly after I took this video Ryan Zimmerman came up in the bottom of the inning and hit a first pitch foul ball that I ended up catching. I almost got taken out by it because everyone in the section was staring at and taking pictures of the "sleeping" gentleman. Strasmas II was just like any good family Christmas. Everyone has a great time to start, some people get gifts (my foul ball), and someone always ends up passed out way too early.

That's an expensive seat to be taking a nap in too.

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