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December 01, 2011


Amen Davey! Rizzo you have been served notioce by your skipper, no money business when it comes to Bryce. If he is one of the top three outfielders in big league camp bring him on up and give him a chance. I love Davey's old school attitude!!!

Great post! Still laughing on how Bryce Harper is such a frontrunner. Surprised he isn't a Dallas Mavericks fan now. The good part is that he didn't write the Yankees in but then again he was limited to 140 characters & probably couldn't fit it in.

Now for the baseball stuff. I'm glad Davey speaks his mind and wants the best 25. Personally I don't think Harper is ready yet to make the move. If the Nats don't get another quality outfielder this off-season, Bryce may be the Plan B and move Werth to CF.

My suggestion to Rizzo is you better get another quality outfielder to go with Morse and Werth -or- Harper may be your best option on Opening Day.

Then again, why should this off-season not have Outfield drama like 2010 with Elijah Dukes and 2011 with Nyjer Morgan. Note to Rizzo, PLAN AHEAD THIS YEAR!!!!!!!

He didn't even master AA yet. to rush him up to the mlb for the start of the season would be foolish. and thats not even consider the contract factor..

@Adam: ahh, screw the extra year of team control. It's a stay of execution. Listen to Davey. Listen to him!

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