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December 29, 2011


Yes, Mike Rizzo is comfortable moving forward with Adam LaRoche. He didn't tell a lie there.

Now think of Mike Rizzo as Ted Lerner's kid and goes to his Dad and says "I really want a new and improved 1st baseman that came available". His Dad says "Son, you already have a 1st baseman I got you last year". Son says "Come on Dad, this is the best one out there and there is only one of him". Dad says, "Well, how much will this one cost me"? Kid says "Only 3 times what the other one cost"! Dad starts choking on his cereal.... Then the son calls the salesman who we shall call Bora$ and asks him to call his father and convince him.

I like the way Gio has already changed his Twitter background to Nationals Park -- I think he's going to be a positive addition to the team.

Hate to say we told you so:

"Hmm...Maybe Boras bypasses Rizzo altogether, and is on his way to Washington as we speak for a chat with Ted Lerner before New Year's Eve? It's not like Boras hasn't done it before."

but: Boras/Prince in DC area for meeting with a team owner not named Angelos, reports Baltimore Sun.

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