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January 25, 2012


How 'bout a petition of Half Streeters demanding the Nats demand the position be reinstated in the current negotiations?

Even though losing the dugout reporter is probably addition by subtraction, I'm all in favor of blaming Angelos.

Do I feel sorry that Debbi Taylor is not coming back, no. I don't think see was that great, way to bubbly for me. It's a bit like drinking too much at night and waking up the next morning next to some nice looking girl that starts driving you crazy with kindness. Debbi was way to bubbly if you know what I mean.

As for do I feel sorry that Peter Angelos is fired Debbi as a pawn in negations with the Nats, yes I hate that Debbi got fired. I really feel that the Nats need and should have a sideline reporter to do interviews and it's crap that MASN is not hiring anyone to replace Debbi saying it's a budget cut because Angelos isn't going to continue making millions off the Nationals.
Sorry but the Nats have paid back Peter Angelos enough, probably close to $100 million that he has made in MASN which was part of the deal to allow the Nats to move to D.C. in 2005. So we shouldn't have this prick dictate on if the Nats will have a sideline reporter for the year or not. Sorry but I am pissed.

Look at that Troll standing in front of the banners like he had anything to do with those glory days.

The only connection to the great Orioles of the past is the name of the team and the city they play in.

Sheesh, what a loser. Angelos word scramble:

Nag Lose

Debbi was horrible at the job. It made broadcasts look unprofessional. I wish her well I have no animosity towards her. She was wrong for the job...

...and Angelos is an azzhole.

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