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January 10, 2012



I'd be okay with the Marlins overspending for another free agent. Let them be burdened by the back end of that contract.

There's one other mystery team out there, that, like Rizzo, keeps denying it. "Splash" is the clue, there. Left-handed power hitter splash. With first base at least as open as DC. A legitimate contender, with enough tickets sold (pretty much all of them) to afford him.

Hmmm well Florida:no-trade, Gabby Sanchez and LoMo. They are as well situated than the Nats with LaRoche (average hitter) and Michael Morse ... but I agree the Marlins have to be the "mystery team".

In the end sec3 its the no-trade. If that's still one of Boras requirements it won't fly with most teams on the radar. I doubt that your suggested mystery team will feel any differently.

However, the Nats have already made an exception in Werth's case.

Redskins? Don't count Snider out. I hear they might let London Fletcher go. Actually, no.....they can't afford Fielder under the salary cap.

Orioles are the mystery team. They need the player, have no legitimate 1B. They did not re-sign Luke Scott. Stated today Mark Reynolds would be playing 3B. Freed up $25MM from last year, and spent very little on SP but were able to get quality pitchers via international free agency. No 1B or DH. Not to mention will free up at least $15MM next year as Brian Roberts is certainly done and insurance will cover that. Kevin Gregg will be gone. They can give the years because they are in the AL. Even a 10 year contract would only make Fielder 26 to start the final season. He should certainly be able to still be a productive DH at that age. Angelos is as old as Lerner and has the same money. Not to mention he has the MASN money which he has stockpiled for years now. They offered Texiera $180MM a couple of years ago so it's not like they wouldn't pull the trigger. All is quiet this off-season in Baltimore, almost too quiet.

sorry meant he would only be 36 entering final year of 10 year deal. They certainly would also not worry about trading him as they have a hard enough time drawing quality free agents as it is. Not to mention they are just as close to Florida.

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