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January 24, 2012


Good imagery, but I'm glad the Nats didn't pull the trigger on that one.

If we could get Desmond for Upton straight up that would be amazing. I would even be happy with Desmond + Flores for Upton..assuming we extend him right after the trade

The Prince news hurts. I was convinced the Nats were going to be able to snag him at a bargain, and then, Boras does it again.

Adam, really, so who is going to play 2nd base when you trade Desmond? Don't tell me Lombardozzi. Who's going to leadoff? Have you checked Upton's numbers at leadoff? What do you do when Upton leaves for Free Agency? You aren't the first novice who has made the suggestion but its just not worth discussing.

Once again, shifted by a big name. First Texiera, and now Prince. Can't we get SOMEBODY to come here??

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