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January 18, 2012


Mark Lerner is your source, isn't he?

Could this mean 5 years or an out clause?

@Anonymoose: Actually, I AM Mark Lerner.

(Mark, if you're reading this: relax, I'm not really you)

@Homer: Your guess as good as ours. Unless we put our guess in quotes, which means it's most likely a better guess than yours. :)

Let the record show that until we see PF putting a Curly W lid on his head up on the dais at Nats Park, we remain very, very, freaked out about the Marlins. Because what the Marlins always do is beat the bleep out of the Nats.

Boras is just becoming too predictable. Now he has to try to convince Lerner that his regional arch-rival Angelos wants Prince.

Sounds familiar? MARK TEIXEIRA

By the way, great writing. I like how you transition to all parts of the story with humor too. You have really become the Nats fans site for the good dirt on Prince!

"one will fall to us"

I like the idea of Fielder in Baltimore more than Washington. By the time the Orioles get competitive, he'll be old. Actually we might all be old by that time!

Fielder on a short contract isn't unappealing though.

I'm just glad the Nats haven't been desperate so far, I hope it continues.

We all know the Nats have offered 5 years and are comfortable with that. Is there any scenario they can be pushed beyond 5 years that makes sense? Those opt-outs are a gamble. What if Fielder is eating Ben's hot dogs and balloons to 305 on the Toledo® scale?

@NatsLink I think the scenario for anything beyond a 5 year deal is the Nats moving to the AL or the NL adopting the designated hitter.

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