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January 13, 2012


I think panic in the Boras camp is setting in.

Boras knows exactly what he's doing.

They'll slider Cespedes to death.

@NatsEnquirer Not you, Baltimore Orioles - Boras is desperate, but the man still has his pride.


@Anonymoose, I agree he knows what he is doing but the GMs are catching up.

Philly backs out on Madson so he goes from 4 year deal to 1 year deal.

Varitek signs a minor league deal.

Edwin Jackson, Pudge, Ankiel all still unsigned.

PF Flyer still flying from city to city and won't be getting a 10 year deal

Boras is such a narcissistic man than he could yell in the media : "Collusion, collusion. There is a collusion between the owners. There is a plot against me" and a Judge will think about that, weeks and weeks, and he will finally blink and say : "Well, you may be right". That happened in the past, we all know, and it was like a bomb in the baseball foundation.

I am kidding and I am not.

Any guesses on the mystery teams?

The Nats can't be in all the way on Cespedes until Fielder is finished. Yankees are out on both.

I'm concerned the Yankees pulled out on Cespedes.

how not to get ripped off:

1. create the illusion that you don't need what you're trying to buy
2. don't get emotionally attached or take the negotiations personally
3. make a fair offer
4. walk away

works for me at the car dealership.

@Homer, I wish they took your advice on Gio Gonzalez. The Nats overpaid in the long run.

@NatsLink, its a good point. Can't obligate on 2 major acquisitions until you know where you are on the 1st priority which is Prince Fielder. I'm also concerned at the Yankees pulling back as their international scouting is top notch.

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