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January 06, 2012


I feel like a fly on the wall in the Lerner offices!

Laughing my tushie off. Loved the "you called my bluff" and the billionaire replies were great.

Don't BS me Scott! LMAO

"I own this friggin office building!"

"...after you screwed me on the Jayson Werth deal...Worst 126 million dollars I've spent"

Dude...Bowden is right on.....if the Nats do everything by a vote of the Board of Directors, you know they're looking at future salaries for Zimmerman, Strausburg, Harper, Espinosa/Desmond, Zimmermann, Gonzalez, Ramos, etc. Plus the Werth contract.... They must be freaked out by the massive payroll to keep this team together beyond 2013. We're talking Yankees/Red Sox territory. I'm sure some of the Board members are freaked out about signing Prince.


I think you're right...signing Prince will be Lerner's call. I'm heartened by Bowden's comment about Ted Lerner being 86 and wanting to win now. But I would hate to see the Nats get roped in to a long term deal for Prince. 5 years yes, but 8-10....no!!

Still laughing, Boras still needs to rip off some GMs on Edwin Jackson and Ryan Madson.

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