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January 16, 2012


I like the move since they now have 7 years of team control. If Gio turns out to be a #1A, #1B type of pitcher than Stras, JZim and Gio can form an All Star calibre front of the rotation that is perfect for Post-Season where you need 3 studs!

The Nats are going to wait until next season to extend RZimm. He needs to prove he can stay healthy first. The Nats have the upper hand in this relationship with Rendon waiting in the wings. Would still like to see RZimm at 3rd Espinosa at short and Rendon at 2nd with Fielder at first. Man than gets me hot!

I think the Nats are going to wait until next offseason to do a long extension for Jzimm'nn as he has to prove he can handle a full season workload. That seems fair - Gio has already proved he can do two full seasons.

With regards to R Zimm'n, I don't think this team could be considered the Washington Nationals without him. He is the face of the franchise and he is untouchable as far as I would be concerned. Sometimes in sports you have to tear everything away and ask "why do I like this team". I think RZ is a big part of that.

Also he is a kickass third baseman.

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