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January 04, 2012


Prince wants to win the same way Teixeira wanted to win. I don't see him wanting the 4th place Blue Jays or the 5th place Mariners.

I think it is between the Nationals and if Darvish doesn't sign, yes, Texas now has the money in hand to spend.

If Rizzo had the cajones, he should call the other GMs and find out if anyone is "in" on Fielder. The Nats may just be the only game in town.

That [beep] video was [beep] [beep] awesome!! That's exactly the [beep] attitude we [beep] need in [beep] [beep] Washington. You won't see [beep] Ryan Zimmerman beating down the [beep] door to kick [beep] Chipper Jones' skinny [beep] ass. We [beep] haven't had that [beep] [beep] attitude [beep] in Washington since Rick [beep] Mahorn and Jeff Ruland with the [beep] [beep] Bullets. Yes I said Bullets [beep] [beep] not Wizards you [beep] [beep] politically correct mother [beep] [beep]!

@Homer Amen, and [beep] yeah.

I guess Prince didn't sign last night that 7 year $23 million per year deal that Cheryl Nichols was hooping up. So much for sources.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Boras roll the dice and wait on Texas and whisper to Nolan Ryan (a former pitcher) that a pitcher who goes every 4 days is worth it but not a pitcher who may go every 5 days and in Japan Darvish pitched on average every 6.33 days.

Any new news?

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