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February 28, 2012


Somebody said:

"Wanna make the team? Focus on the job and get rid of your silly Twitter account, rookie."

Or..."somebody pays you a lot of money to not only deliver on the field, but make the local fans like you and spend money on your authentic unis and paraphernalia, Don't screw that up."

Probably a good move, but it feels like they are letting meatheads like Chad Dukes win.

That is the problem with Twitter accounts in general--people type in whatever dumb stuff that is on their minds. I'd really rather not know what they are thinking because I actually find it depressing.

Sounds like with fanfest, the Nats front office does not want the players to interact with the fans, so no social media for anyone, all Nats have been silent, Bryce just happen to delete his account, which he has done before.

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