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February 15, 2012


Glad to see Storen is sticking up for Bryce on the anit-Bryce station 106.7 where both Danny and Chad have called him a douce and tweeted it to him within the last week...real mature guys!

With all due respect, I don't think some of the ballplayers appreciate the level of hate that Washingtonians have for the Cowboys. It's epic. Think Carolina - Duke. Think Red Sox - Yankees. Washingtonians may be angry at the way the Redskins play and moan about their record, season after season - but all of that has no effect on their great hate, and I use the word 'hate' intentionally, of the Cowboys, regardless of whether the Redskins are playing well or not. I hope the Nationals understand this, and put it in terms that Harper can understand. It would be akin to Tom Brady running around with a Yankees hat, and tweeting his distate for the Red Sox - before he ever won a Super Bowl - or for that matter, had a great winning season. It's just ill-advised and in poor taste and it's not helping the Nationals gain more hometown fans...fans they still need to fill ballpark. It's bad for business, plain and simple.

You mean "Washingtonians who are fans of the local NFL team," nevermind "Washingtonians who follow football," which is a much smaller subset. Most baseball fans don't care.

Because I see a lot of Cowboys hats and paraphernalia around town.

I'm annoying that it's the Cowgirls, but devotion is devotion, which I can respect.

For example, say a DC area high school prospect, who's been a Redskins fan his whole life, gets drafted by the Rangers and suddenly becomes a Cowgirls fan. Wouldn't we immediately disown him and call him a traitor?

I think this shows his loyalty to his teams, and means good things if and when the Nats try and sign him long term.

Bryce being Bryce. Too easy for him to throw a Skins cap on, but no, he's gotta be Bryce. Love it. If he backs it up then everyone will forgive. And he sure thinks he can back it up.

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