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March 08, 2012


Noticed several typos in your post. His name is Chad DOUCHE.

Maybe Chad was auditioning for a job in Philadelphia? One can always dream! Then I could turn on 106.7 again during afternoon drive here in VA!

Wow, if your on the radio in DC. You probably shouldn't rip DC fans. What a douche. He sounds just like all those ignorant philly fans!
The Nats have many passionate fans! If he doesn't see it then obviously he doesn't pay attention.

As for all philly. " Don't say your doing it for the greatest fans on earth, cuz none of them live in philly"

Whatever. Even 106.7 will start treating the Nats with respect when they start winning. Let's just remember what this Dukes guy said, and remind him when he gets on the bandwagon.


I don't listen to Dukes at all. For him it's nothing but Redskins all the time and Bryce Harper's Cowboys comment leads him to rule out the kid altogether.

When you've got stuff like this coming from your flagship station...

DC Sports radio is a sad joke. There are thousands of passionate baseball fans in DC, but none are on sports radio and none of those thousands are stupid enough to listen to the drivel these stations dish - like the other day, Mark Zuckerman was on "Redskins Radio" espn 980 and steve czaban was talking to him about the Nationals -- and Czaban says, "So, Mark, closer by committee this year?" -- Zuckerman almost started to sputter, before he said, "No, I think Drew Storen is the closer since he saved 43 games last year."

When Dukes calls LaVar Arrington "Var" 20 times a day in his kiss-up voice I want to puke.

I've said it before, the guy is a shock jock that believes if he calls a 19 year old names he will get attention and see, he has a posting here all about him. It works unfortunately.

Best thing to do is to boycott the piece of garbage and not listen to their show.

So, he is upset at Bryce Harper because he's a Cowboys fan? Does this guy not know how many Cowboys fans there are in the area?

Dukes: “Hold on, here’s the problem we have in DC. First of all, you said ‘If you’re a discerning baseball fan.’ There’s about 15 of those down here.

Which, even if true, would be about 14 more than "people in D.C. sports talk radio knowledgeable about baseball," and that's assuming one of the stations hired Phil Wood for some gig.

And this lamebrained comment comes from the Nats' flagship station? With alleged friends like that, who needs enemies?

I hear ya!! The Nats should dump Bryce and his contract! I mean really, a calf strain, spare me. Get rid of him. Maybe somebody will give you a couple 1st round picks for him....heehee Red Sox Nation would love to have him

I've seen Dallas Cowboys at a game in Cardinals home, all seats were sold, but i was a bit lucky to scoore some tickets online.. Maybe people in Columbus like road trips. Cowboy fans lost interest in their team pretty quick...

Bryce Harper IS a douche. A MASSIVE one at that.
Everyone has seen it. If you choose to ignore it and simply cheer for the team, great. But the kid is a douche. Plain and simple.

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