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March 11, 2012


I don't thinks he's done anything to solidify himself as a big league starter. I thought Ankiel has had a better ST than Harper so I agree with keeping him in the minors, at least a little while longer

as boswell pointed out a few weeks ago, what's a few weeks of 19 year old harper worth compared to a full season of 25 year old harper?

it's business, bryce. that's why you're making millions, so take a deep breath and live with it.

see you in june, i imagine. just like stras.

I also subscribe to the thought of start him in the Minors and when he gets on a big hot streak he gets called up.

I love his hustle and muscle but the mental side of the game out-weighs the physical side.

Regardless of the Free Agency implications, a couple more months' seasoning in the minors won't hurt the kid anyway. This would be a much more controversial subject had Harper come roaring into ST like Morse did last year, but he doesn't even have an XBH yet.

Davey Johnson knows more about baseball then anyone in that organization. If he says Bryce is ready for the big show he should start in RF opening day. It is all about the money & control. Forget any post season play for the Nationals. There have been special players come along that can handle the Majors. What is he going to prove @ AAA? I bet he gets injured and misses the year.

Don S has it right-- it's all about the money except this time the money and contract timing will guide him to AA and some AAA play, then up to majors in June if he looks good at AAA. That way, the Nats will have him for an extra year before he hits free agency.

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