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May 07, 2012


Hmm. Well it's too bad for jayson werth that he doesn't play baseball well enough to be able to say something like that. Have fun trying to replicate the numbers you had in philly without ryan howard protecting you in the lineup.

Oh jeez Kenny, Nationals fans can play that game too! So is Ryan Howard out of that walking boot yet? Have fun with that contract in 2025 or whatever Philly!

The remaining Phillies-Nats series should be entertaining. Hopefully, they won't degrade into WWF steel cage matches. Times are a changing. On one side - the Phillies, a well-oiled Nazi war machine. On the other side, the Nats, a young Red Army slowly learning the art of war. We all know how that story ended as Red Army tanks rolled in Berlin. Go Nats!

From the outside looking in...I had no idea this was such a heated rivalry. Awesome!! Keep it up!

I need shower after reading that Crossing Broad comment section.

Who really cares? I have been a true and loyal Phillies fan for almost 50 years now, and this year's edition is the poorest bunch of no hitting, no pitching bums I have ever witnessed. Don't worry Nats fans, your team may not make the World Series this year, but you time is coming. And, as far as the Phillies, they will be lucky to finish in last place this year.

aw poor little jayson i feel so bad i mean glad that he's not with the phil's anymore he's a non hitting bum who's sucking the life and money out of the nationals now. thank god we didn't pay him that contract hell we got enough guy's who can't hit. as far as him getting revenge on phillies fans for taunting him he needs to put his big boy panties on this is the big leagues dude

Jasen, I guess this means we don't love each other anymore. While I don't condone the crass comments made toward you or any injured athlete, there are boneheads among every fan base. As for your vow of retribution,I'm shaking in my boots based on what you've done already with the Knats. You should be more worried about Hamels drilling you in the wrist to make up for Lannan drilling Chase Utley a few years back.

J Werth, I see you still haven't gotten over being let go by the Phillies.

Did you mentor B Harper on how to crack a bat on a wall and hit himself? That's not what us old school guys mean by a two bagger.

If Harper ever learns to control his temper and foul mouth maybe he will live up to the media hype. Ask your security people about Harper's profanity and tantrum against a fan wearing a Phillies jersey in the presence of young kids.

Maybe the Nat's should consider conducting a Dale Carnegie and an anger management class for the entire organization.

It's hard to know what the GM and players are saying because so much of it is bleeped out.

P.S. Nat's pitcher should have gotten a matching suspension for the retalliation against Hammels.

I wouldn't sweat what Phillie fans think of you Jayson. It took the Phillies 77 years to win their first World Series, and in 108 years have ONLY won it twice. Every year they have "The Dynasty" going on, but never win crap. I have two favorite teams.... The Mets and whoever plays the Phillies. To live life and to hate the Philadelphia teams, Especially the Eagles since they signed the dog killer. Life is so great when they all lose, and never see a title in sight!

Nice language in the article there Mr. Reporer. Sounds like a puff piece from GM Rizzo. Classless.

And to the loser who alludes to the dearth of World Series in the Philly organization...at least Philly can keep a baseball franshise. The Nats will be leaving for town in a few years. Like the Senators before them.

The great American pasttime, which is "baseball," in case you've all forgotten, has become so degenerated, how can we expect anything but junk, especially from the Phillies and the Eagles, who still allow the dog killer to play. And, we encourage our country's most prescious assests, our children, to play these sports. When are these "grown-up" men going to learn to act responsibly and set a good example for our children? Competition does not have to become brutality, does it? THINK about what you're doing! We need some class and mutual respect in our most treasured sports, especially in Pennsylvania. I always root for their opposing teams! Is that what you want Philadelphia?

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