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May 04, 2012


I worked at the Washington Navy Yard. As of 1350 (1:30PM), I saw 8 Philly fans on M Street heading towards 8th Street. I assume they were heading to 8th Street to get liquored up before the game. With luck, the Phillies and their odious fans will soon discover there is a new sheriff in town - Baseball Jesus and his Disciple (B. Harper). The Hordes from the North will find their Southside antics are no longer tolerated in Nats Town! The Phillies are old; the Nats are young. The tables are turning.

Opps, work not worked.

The weather should hold off for tonight, which is good. I think rain would hurt home attendance more, but maybe the long drive in the (possible) thunderstorms will dampen, so to speak, the Phillies fans, somewhat. Then again, it would only scare off the rational ones, so maybe that's not a good thing.

I pray many drunken Phans stumble off the Metro platform and, like Ben Franklin, discovers electricity. Go go Washington go!!

*shrug* Just hope the Nats win this series. That's all...

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