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June 19, 2012


Wasn't Peralta a WWF wrestler and well-known fat guy from the bar in a prior career. He was called "The Glove" where he always hid a "foreign object" and used it whenever the referee was distracted to club or blind his opponent into submission.

Don't you think it makes the Nationals look bad too. The only way they could have known he did something illegal is if he did it when he played for them.Yet did they ever alert authorities when he was their pitcher? Did they alert the team he was traded to before the trade? Nope, they only alerted the umpires when it benefited them somehow. They apparently knew more than the Rays did about this guy. Couldn't he have called Maddon in private before an incident like this? Wow! Unclassy.

Unclassy? He cheated and got caught...it would have been unclassy if they didn't find anything but since they did it was justified.

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