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July 18, 2012


I didn't notice it before, but Harper said something to Wright after they got up. Harper was staring him down.

I dunno... (a) Wright was going for the ball, which he's allowed to do, and the ball and Harper sort of arrived at the same time. In those situations, both the runner and the fielder have a right to the base path. Collisions happen. (b) Watching the replay, Byrdak was right there backing it up. If Harper had got right up after his slide and taken off for home, he'd have been out by 30 feet or more. I'm not saying he's shooting his mouth off too much, but I think in the same interview after a similar play in, say, 2022, Harper will say something like "Well, David Wright was on top of me, but the umpire didn't call interference, so that's out of my hands. It all worked out for us in the end, and that's all that matters." Or something like that.

@Sam - I think they were just talking about the play (maybe checking to see if everything was okay with each other). It was a hard slide by Harper and everything.

looks as though he would have ben out if he tried to score from third.

Wright's glove covered his face after they got up and in watching the replay after the game I thought Wright was laying into Harper - verbally - for his head first take out slide. I don't think Harp could have scored even without Wright on top of him, but it worked out in the end.

Crazy game... glad I stayed until the end. A shame Det didn't get the W but the Nats saved their best for last.

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