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August 26, 2012


Nice GIF - should use that method more often.

I ended up with this ball! Wish I could have had it authenticated somehow, but it's still a great story.

I caught one this season in right field in almost the exact same fashion. No two hands means no second chance at a missed ball. Nice fundamentals Werth! Always thought that guy was a great player anyway, just didnt get a comfortable with the Angels.

I can't quite see why the excitement rose for a bare-handed catch. A cricket ball is very much harder (read, like concrete) than a baseball, comes at or down to you at well over a hundred klms an hour and cricket fielders don't wear gloves. Trust me, I've had the broken fingers, teeth and knuckles to prove it!

What are klms, do you mean Km/hr? And secondly, there are many factors that play into the rate of speed at which a fly ball drops. Based on those two statements, I'm going to assume that cricket is not a sport... Haha, just kidding! That would be something an American would say. Or something anyone besides an American would say about the NFL.

seriousley ? Go Leep off a skyscraper

it is not skill. you should catch a fly ball like that. if he missed that, everyone would shun him.

It ofcourse is SKILL. But a fundamental one. As someone said, that's why you at least put two hands in the catching position on, especially, fairly routine flyballs. 1) To lock the ball in with the barehand, not actually catch it. Should it start to pop out, the second hand can prevent it. and 2) IN a rare case like this, if the ball DOES bounce out of miss the heel altogether, you do get the second chance of rescuing the catch with a bare hand. And why do idiots always compare baseball with cricket ball (or whatever you call it) or, say, jai alai pelota is harder catch with a baree hand. So is a bowling ball or arrow. We're talking catching a BASEBALL. Some poeplee just like to be smart*sses for sake of being a smart*ss.

Dave, I think that's because nobody cares about cricket.

If cricket meant anything, we would be watching the highlights on espn.

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