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August 24, 2012


How much are we talking? A hundred grand here, another hundred grand there -- doesn't sound like much, but it adds up. And this isn't like football, the Nats play 81 home games a year, and you never know when you'll get a rain delay, or extra innings.

How many games would this affect, really? Friday and Saturday don't matter because Metro already runs later. Day games don't matter, unless they run late accidentally, and that's not the team's fault.

They can't call Metro at the last minute and say, "Hey, this is taking forever, we're going to need a taxi for 20,000 people." Besides, they do have a budget. So let's assume they budget to order these in advance.

In 2012, there were/are 36 games scheduled where running Metro later might be relevant, not counting the odd rain-delayed day game that doesn't start until late, or extra-inning day games that go rediculously long, and thus can't be ordered in advance; these are just the scheduled games, based on the times as listed.

If they run one hour extra, that helps a lot, but doesn't guarantee the end of the game, so let's say they go 2 hours on half of the games, the ones that look like bigger draws, and just one hour on the rest. That's 54 hours of extra service, @ $29,000 per, or $1,566,000. For about a million-five, or one cheap middle reliever, basically, they could cover probably 80% of this issue.

Works for me.


Please don't redicule me for that.

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