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October 26, 2012


Yah, Nady has done a lot to help his team win this post-season. His top contribution was high-fiving Pablo Sandoval from the bench after the Panda hit 3 HRs!

Are you telling me there wasn't a better bench player than Nady? Nady's butt has more bench splinters than the bench coach who at least got off the bench to whisper in Bochy's ear last night.

On the other hand, Syracuse Chiefs underachiever Gregor Blanco is batting .286 in the World Series thanks to a single off of the pitchers skull and a sac bunt that turned into a single when the Tigers decided to let it roll foul---only it wouldn't.

Luck be a Gregor tonight!

What do they call someone who graduated last in his class in medical school? Doctor.

I guess this is the baseball equivalent.

This is why every Nats fan must root, root, root for the Tigers. I'm just getting over the fact that the Nats are done--but if Xavier Nada gets a WS ring, I couldn't take it.

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