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October 02, 2012


The Orioles lease is over in 9 years, right?

How about relocating Kansas City?

I really would like to see a little more recognition of the Nats' Expos' past. Would have been a nice touch to play one of the Blue Jays games in Expos gear. The Rangers have no problems breaking out retro Senator's unis.

Im not from DC but rooted for the Nats till the idiotic shutdown of Steven Strasberg. I hope they lose in the 1st rund so I can hear the fans anger and the excuses from the Nat's front office. They spit in the faces of their fans, season ticket holders. all the other players and the city of DC. They basically said, hell with the playoffs and WS,,,we dont care. Are they saving him for when he becomes a Yankee? Dub stupid, moronic....on and on

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