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October 05, 2012


The outcome of the game was decided by an egregiously awful call. The infield fly rule has two major components -1) the infielder does not have to make an extraordinary effort and 2) the umpire has to make an immediate call. The infielder had to run 40 + yards and the ump had a delayed response. Gonzalez was right to put the game under protest. The call dramatically affected the outcome of the game. The Braves should be able to play the Cardinals again to determine who plays the nationals for the NL championship. The new sudden game wild-card provision is a joke, and that point was exacerbated by the poor call; the ump must be bribed by the cards or needs to go back to ump training. Regardless, if te cards take the world series, there should be an asterix because they don't deserve to go all te way.

Slow down there hoss. The game was not DECIDED by that call. It didn't even cost them a run in a 6-2 game where the next batter could have just as easily grounded into an inning ending double play. To hear moronic Braves fans telling this, you were all but guaranteed a grand slam on the next at bat, when your only 2 runs at that point where on a play where your player swung at strike three but was given a second chance due to the late time out granted. Idiot fans were just primed for going nuts because of an obvious runner interference call earlier that they can't understand. You would NEVER see Cardinal fans act that way. Nice send off for Chipper.

Own it. 3 errors threw away the game along with sound smart fundemental baseball and clutch hitting from the Cardinals. I guess it's easier to blame one call than know you choked away another season to the Cards. Stay classy Atlanta.

Thinking that the Braves should be entitled to a redo against the Cardinals when they were outperformed most of the game is laughable.

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